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Utility Programs

We make it easy for both small local utilities and large regional providers
to manage commercial and multifamily programs.

Proven Program Results

In the delivery of demand-side management programs, we have experience with everything from program design, outreach to gain enrollments, and design assistance and incentive fulfillment with your customers, to complete management of your entire energy efficiency program. We consistently help our utility clients average 30% savings over code, and our modeling has been proven to predict a utilities portfolio of building’s actual energy consumption within 5%, meaning utilities realize the predicted savings.

We reach your entire market, providing whole-building analysis for all building types from speculative office buildings to net zero projects, and for commercial and multifamily buildings of all sizes.

  • MWh saved 1.4M
  • therms saved 35M
  • verified annual savings $132M
  • avg. savings over code 30%
  • market penetration 70%
  • ECM installation rate 98%
  • utilities we serve 100+
  • incentives realized $150M

Benefits for Utilities

Our collaborative process effectively engages design teams and building owners to help you achieve deeper market penetration and improved cost-effectiveness.

Rapid Customer Engagement

We quickly and accurately present your customers and design teams with hundreds of energy-efficiency options to optimize decisions early in the design process. Our whole-building energy modeling approach makes it easy for utilities to achieve higher energy and cost savings by helping design teams develop and select their best design options in real-time.

Screenshot of NEO software

Maximize Program Participation

We provide dedicated staff and program management tools to effectively deliver targeted marketing and outreach. Working with design teams and trade allies, we identify and enroll new construction projects early in design to have the greatest influence on overall energy savings.

Solution-driven Approach

Every utility has different needs; that’s why we adjust our tools and processes to find the best approach for your program. We can provide fully customized whole-building analysis with a blend of custom and prescriptive approaches, and we have experience with many different modeling methods, as well as the EDAPT system.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

We can manage your DSM program as a sole source provider or deliver as part of a team with other implementers. In addition, we provide an array of solutions for both new and existing buildings, including trade ally network engagement.

  • Benchmarking
  • Beneficial Electrification
  • Code Studies
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Design Assistance
  • Field Verification & Measure Validation
  • Modeling for Existing Buildings & Renovations
  • Ongoing Performance Tracking
  • Prescriptive & Custom Rebate Calculation
  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Retro-commissioning

Select Weidt® Clients

  • Alliant Energy / IPL

    In 2005, Alliant Energy / IPL added The Weidt Group / MidAmerican CNC program to its portfolio of DSM offerings to help make the State of Iowa a leader in Energy Efficiency (EE) programs and simplify participation for the design and construction communities. With Alliant’s encouragement and collaboration, The Weidt Group is expanding NEO to address Deep Retrofit Projects.

  • Black Hills Energy

    Black Hills Energy has offered CNC services from The Weidt Group since 2009 and partnered with other Iowa utilities to refine and improve these offerings to its customers. The number of smaller communities within its service territories have influenced the development of our tool and services toward greater speed, simplification, and consultations over the Internet.

  • Duke Energy

    In the Fall of 2016, The Weidt Group was selected to provide commercial design assistance to the small and medium-sized Duke Energy customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The New Construction Energy Efficiency Design Assistance offer was launched in December 2016. This offering will serve a customer-base previously unbroached and will grow Duke Energy’s participation in their custom and prescriptive incentive programs.

  • Focus on Energy

    Focus on Energy added The Weidt Group’s services in 2013 to administer and provide EDA and CNC services statewide. At its request, we opened up our software tool set to other energy modelers in the community. The program has seen dramatic growth in participation since its launch.

  • MidAmerican Energy Company

    A client since 1999, MidAmerican Energy Company (MEC) has helped The Weidt Group grow and advance the overall performance of CNC programs to include more segments of its customer base. Our collaborations have also led to better program enrollment, tracking, and reporting processes. MEC has helped pioneer key partnerships with other Iowa utilities.


    The Weidt Group has been a Technical Advisor for both the NYSERDA FlexTech Program and its New Construction Program since 1999. We provide EDA to new construction and major renovation projects. We introduced NEO to their program in 2014. The Weidt Group is also a Real-Time Energy Management service provider.

  • Otter Tail Power Company

    Otter Tail Power Company became a client in 2011 to take advantage of The Weidt Group tools that have been in use in central Minnesota for nearly 20 years. Adopting our proven tool set and processes – and drawing on the experiences of Xcel Energy and Iowa utilities – enabled this outstate utility to capture EE savings faster than other options. Many design firms in Otter Tail’s community were also already familiar with the processes and results.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    In the Spring of 2018, The Weidt Group was selected to provide energy software services for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Through these software services, TVA will increase their electrification efforts by educating their customers about potential incentives and informing their customers’ HVAC decisions. These software services will also allow TVA’s Preferred Partners to build accurate energy models in minutes so they can inform customer equipment decisions and demonstrate program minimum energy savings requirements for new construction projects.

  • Xcel Energy

    Xcel Energy (formerly Northern States Power) began as The Weidt Group’s premier client in 1988 and continues today as the leader in DSM programs in both Minnesota and Colorado. Their service territories dominate energy-efficiency activities in both states. Xcel Energy has fostered continuous improvement in the program’s features and benefits since its inception. Process and tool enhancements have helped the program double in size over the past five years.

The overall process delivers best-in-class services to participants.

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