The Weidt Group® is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the second annual John Weidt Fellowship.

Design. Build. Sustain.

Created to honor the late John L. Weidt – environmentalist, researcher, architect, and founder of The Weidt Group – the John Weidt Fellowship offers aspiring architects and engineers the opportunity to play an active role in reducing the negative impacts of buildings on the natural environment.

The Weidt Fellow will assist building design teams and client owners in reducing the energy consumption of new and existing building projects; assist in developing building-energy analysis tools to scale the energy-efficiency demand to others; and become skilled in emerging collaborative design methods. The year-long Fellowship typically begins and ends in June and includes full-time employment at The Weidt Group headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Fellows will be mentored by and receive career guidance from recognized industry leaders. At the completion of the Fellowship, participants will have begun to develop the skills and experience to become leaders and mentors in the building performance industry.

Learn. Grow. Achieve.

The ideal John Weidt Fellowship candidate is an architect or engineer with a strong interest in building energy performance who is committed to lifelong learning and mentorship. To develop a particular expertise, the Fellow will choose a topic related to building energy efficiency and create a body of writing or project suitable for presentation and/or publication.

Approximately half the Fellow’s time will be devoted to his/her defined project, with the remaining time assigned to actual Weidt projects. The Weidt Fellow will have the opportunity to attend and lead in-house educational presentations, and to assist members of the firm in authoring articles and/or presentations.

The Fellow will also receive a scholarship to attend a national energy-efficiency conference.

Join Us.

Applications are due by February 1, 2018.

1. Who is eligible?
Candidates may range from recent graduates to career-change candidates. The selection committee’s main focus is to identify and select candidates who demonstrate the commitment and potential to advance the field of energy-efficient design.

2. Is a specific level of education required?
At a minimum, candidates must hold a first professional degree in Architecture, or a Bachelors degree in degree in Engineering by the starting date of the Fellowship year, in this case June 1, 2017.

3. What if I’m in school at the time of application?
Candidates may apply while in school as long as they meet the educational requirements stated above at the beginning of the Fellowship year.

4. Is prior energy-efficiency practice or research experience required?
Prior experience in energy efficiency or research is not required; however, if candidates have had such experience, please include in the application.

5. Are international applicants eligible?
International candidates are eligible, provided they satisfy the educational requirements listed above. Eligible candidates must have authorization to work in the United States as mandated by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services for the contiguous 12-month period. Currently, The Weidt Group does not offer H-1B visa support for the Fellowship year.

6. How long is the Fellowship term?
The Fellowship lasts for one year and generally follows a June-to-June cycle. Flexibility will be provided on a case-by-case basis for those who require a May or July start.

7. Is the Fellowship a paid position?
The Fellowship is a full-time, one-year salaried position, including full benefits, with The Weidt Group. In addition, the Fellowship covers the cost of attending one conference of the Fellow’s choosing during the Fellowship year.

8. What does a typical Fellowship year include?
While Fellowship experiences will vary based on each Fellow’s interests and the current projects in our office, all Fellows will share the following core experiences:

  • Mentorship by industry leaders
  • Opportunities to assist design firms in creating high-performance zero-net energy buildings
  • Opportunities to assist Weidt employees in developing energy-analysis design tools for new and existing buildings
  • Creation of a body of work suitable for publishing: the John Weidt Project

9. What are the criteria for the John Weidt Project?
The John Weidt Project must be a self-defined, self-produced body of work, suitable for publishing, that must be completed by the end of the Fellowship year. The project topic and research must align with The Weidt Group’s core business interests.

10. Where is the Fellowship based?
The Fellowship is based out of The Weidt Group’s Minnetonka, MN office. Depending on project assignments, the Fellow may have opportunities to collaborate with staff from other offices.

11. May candidates visit the The Weidt Group office? Is there an advantage to doing so?
Applicants and potential applicants may set up an appointment to visit Minnetonka office. The selection committee is sensitive to the perception that local applicants may enjoy an advantage. The committee may request any local or long-distance applicant to participate in a video conference interview.

12. How do I apply?
The application package includes:

  • Application form
  • One-page resume
  • One essay (see application for topic-specific questions)
  • Portfolio – maximum five sheets (two-sided permitted), no larger than 11”x 17”
  • One page research concept plan
  • Three reference letters sent directly by the reference (mail or email)

Application packages must be submitted in both hard copy and digital form (PDF on flash drive). All materials – including references – must be received by the February 1, 2017 deadline. Only complete application packages will be reviewed by the selection committee.

13. When will the selection committee announce its decision?
The selection committee will make its decision within approximately one month. Candidates will be notified if the committee requires additional material or requests a video conference. Candidates will be judged based on the strength of their design and/or research portfolios, letters of recommendation, essays of accomplishment, career goals, John Weidt Project concept, and a commitment to energy efficiency.

For more information contact Chris Baker at

John Weidt was a rare and talented individual: intelligent, strong and hardworking.
He demonstrated his love of people and nature in many ways.

In the 1960s, John was a pioneer in:

  • Raising awareness of energy and environmental sustainability in the built environment
  • Scientifically researching the embodied energy and environmental impact of the production of building materials
  • Founding The Weidt Group in 1977
  • Building the firm into a National presence by the mid-1980s with research and development contracts with national labs, and major building manufacturers
  • Developing methods to provide energy design assistance to building owners and designers by the late 1980s; this work caught on with Utility Demand-Side Management programs, where today The Weidt Group consults on over 400 new construction or major renovation design projects per year
  • Developing manufacturing applications, lighting design and HVAC design software by the early 1990s

John was the best founder a company could have: he set our compass direction for doing high quality work, respecting others, building great teams, and having fun.