Energy Benchmarking

B3 Benchmarking makes it easy to reliably track all building types – not just some.

We created B3 to help you quickly and easily understand both how a building is performing currently, and how it could – and should – be performing given its size, use, and location.

Knowing how efficiently your buildings are using energy allows you to prioritize deferred maintenance and energy improvement projects.

$52M identified ANNUAL
energy savings

Who’s Using B3

With more than 300 million square feet in its database, B3 currently contains over 12,000 public buildings.

  • 22 state agencies
  • 410 cities
  • 55 counties
  • 60 college campuses
  • 214 school districts

“We use B3 Benchmarking to pinpoint problem buildings and fix issues before they turn into large problems.”

Teri ThompsonCity of Crystal Lake, MN

Comprehensive Reporting

B3 makes it easy for you to understand where the greatest potentials for energy improvement and maximum ROI are. Using only monthly utility billing data and some basic information about your building, B3 creates actionable reports for you.

  • Compare building energy performance against current
    energy code
  • Compare building energy performance against relevant peers
  • Determine the best candidates for improvement and investment
  • Prioritize energy improvement projects for each building
  • Verify improvements, manage energy performance

Integrated with ENERGY STAR®

B3 creates your ENERGY STAR accounts and retrieves your ratings. B3 shows benchmark, B3 peer rating, and a weather-adjusted comparison to your own building over time. Any building data you enter in B3 is automatically shared in your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

What’s Happening in B3 Benchmarking

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